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    There isn't a trial version vs a full version (meaning two separate downloads). If you pay for it you get a regcode, enter it into your trial version and it becomes the full version.
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    I also had problem w volume care. When I used it the volume was twice as loud, but other party couldn't me.

    No I had no problem with the settings.
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    I downloaded and bought the VC. After I downloaded and sync'd it to my Treo 650 it did a hard reset on my Treo? Is that normal? So I went thru and sync'd again and then I got 2 messages on the LOG that say:

    - Already exists: C:\Program Files\palmOne\DouglaH\backup\ConnectionMgr50DB.PDB

    Restore synchronization failed

    So I looked and everything seems to be in my Treo. SO I sync'd again and it came up fine no LOG and I checked the log and it said:

    OK Backup

    HotSync operation completed on 11/11/05 16:16:15

    SO is there anything I should do about the first error or is everything okay?
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