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    How do you record your own sounds to use as ringtones ? Is it even possible ?
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    who is your service provider? if sprint then they covered the button up. there is a way to get it back though.

    read this thread, the file to get the button back is in post #14
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    If you have a 650, record the sound onto your Treo, transfer it onto your computer (I convert mine to mp3 once in the PC), then put it back on your Treo SD Card. It will be a audio file just like all your music. Use a mp3 ringer app (I use mRing) to make that your ringtone.

    If you have a 600 you'll need SoundRec or similar app to record your sound.
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    It is extremely easy. Just record the sound, give it a name, and pick it for your ringtone.
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