This is Seidio's newest all-in-one GPS solution for the Treo 650. The charging cradle includes an integrated SiRF Star III Chipset and a built in speaker on the front. This means no more bulky GPS receivers with nowhere to mount them, fewer cables, and 3D captures in less than 60 seconds. Combined with the included Tom Tom software, you're ready to hit the road and know EXACTLY where you are and where you're going at all times!

INTEGRATED GPS CRADLE: liberates you from extra wires and external GPS receivers
SiRF Star III GPS CHIPSET: 3D captures from GPS in less than 60 second!
INTEGRATED AMPLIFIED SPEAKER built into the front: operate your Treo MODEL SPECIFIC for easy installation and fast setup specially made to fit the Treo 650
HANDS FREE: High quality/increased sensitivity microphone enables easy and accurate communications on the go

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