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    We’re pretty sure they’ve built at least one Symbian-powered Treo just to prove it could be done, but in an interview with Computer Business Review Palm CEO Ed Colligan said that they’re definitely not going to be selling one anytime soon. Why? Well, mainly because they don’t want to have to deal with the expense of supporting another operating system. They’ve just added Windows Mobile to their repertoire, and Colligan says that they simply “cannot afford to support three operating sytems.” (Any Treo 650 owner will tell you that it seems like they’re already having enough trouble supporting Palm OS 5.4, which is seriously showing its age, to say nothing of them having to figure out how to support Windows Mobile.) And if that wasn’t enough, Colligan doesn’t like the fact that “Nokia owns Symbian,” either. He’s being a bit hyperbolic, since technically Nokia doesn’t own the Symbian OS, but it is without a doubt the dominant player in the Symbian consortium and so we can see why Palm would be reluctant to get into bed with an OS that’s so tightly controlled by one of its rivals.

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    By inference. . . . does that mean they are committed to supporting TWO OSs. . . . .??

    WM5 just added. . . .

    Palm, then Palm on top of Linux. . . . . is my guess.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    It would seem at least at this point that they only want to support the two (or at least not support a 3rd unless it would be much easier to manage.)
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