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    Hi all,
    after using my Cingular 650 for about 2 weeks, here are some annoying problems. Hope someone can give me hints on how to deal with them

    1. Once a while, Treo phone will be "off" without making a sound or anything. When I tried to turn it on, it would say something like "Not enough power to turn on the phone". Of course i said WTF. It was charged. I have to take out the battery and turn it back on.

    2. Bluetooth. I previously paired Treo with my Powerbook and Tomtom GPS. I have to go to Bluetooth and turn on discoverable in order for the Treo to connect to the Powerbook or Tomtom. This is simply not right.

    3. yes, I will still keep it and use it
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    I just sold mine. I owned it for 7 days.
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    90% of problems can be related to third party apps. what's on your treo?

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