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    I have a Treo 600 AT&T branded but unlocked. I am currently on Cingular with a 2 year plan till February 2007.

    There is a spot on the screen which is growing larger and of course the buzzing noise. I am trying to weigh my options. I of course want to spend as little as posible.

    I have gotten information from here on using foil to stop the humming but I am wondering if it is posible to fix the screne? Is there an inexpensive place to send it for repair?

    Maybe I should just get a newone. Is there someplace that sells referbs or returns? Possibly 650s? I have been screwed a couple of times on eBay so i try to stay clear.

    Thanks for your advise in advance,

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    My advice would be to go chat with the Cingular folks. Ask them if they can "help" you out in anyway. Sprint has been great to me about these kind of things, but I've also been a customer for 5+ years.
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    How long have you had your T600? More than a year? If not, you're good to go with the exchange program. Call up Palm to exchange (I've done it twice). If it has been more than a year call Cingular. I had the buzzing on my current T600 but am now past the warranty period. I called up Cingular and they were willing to replace it with another refurb even though I was over the warranty. I declined because I decided to just fix the problem on my own instead of risking more problems with a refurb. The buzzing fix worked great. I ordered a replacement battery (the higher capacity) and popped that in there while I had it opened. has a replacement screen for 99.99. I don't know if it's worth shelling that out. I would complain to Cingular. They'll probably offer you a refurb like they did for me. That may be the way to go for you. Good Luck!

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