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    I have two questions about the Contacts....

    Those are not to effect my daily use, but make me worrisome about the data itself. I tried to find out answers on previous threads, but could not find specific to these ones.

    In my Contacts in Treo, in the initial view of a particular contact (not in edit mode of the record) some home addresses show up as 'work', in fact they are 'Home'. When I get into the record, those show as 'Home' actually. When I also check those in Outlook itself, the data is intact, no problem at all.

    I noticed this that it started after I downloaded the update file of DocumentsToGo regular version, which also caused to halt or freeze sync on scanning 'Media'. I had to use Task Manager to end the process.

    The other thing is the order of contact numbers and emails. Since I first synced my contacts to my Treo, they line up in following order: Work, Home, Fax, Email, Mobile, Work, Email. I would like to see them grouped and phones first, emails following. This how it is setup at my Outlook anyway. I wonder if this order can be changed for all contacts in Treo?

    I wonder if you would have any idea. But, whether you do or not, I would like to thank you, anyway.
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