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    I have a new, unlocked Treo 650 that's been working fine with T-Mobile in New York for the last few weeks. I took the SIM from my old phone and it moved over no problem.

    I am in London for a few weeks and, while my phone has no problem detecting available networks, every time I select one and try to connect I get a message saying: "Unable to register with selected network."

    I was in Dublin last weekend and had the same problem.

    I have used this SIM in London earlier this year, still with T-Mobile, so I know my service is set up correctly for international.

    Anyone seen this before? Any ideas on how to get this working? I've seen the previous thread about roaming agreements, but it is not relevant here - I can't even connect to T-Mobile in London!
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    Found out from T-Mobile Roaming Support that this problem is related to a setting on their end. I recently changed my plan with them and the fact that I have international roaming was carried over. However, there is an additional network setting required and, though it should have replicated within 24 hrs, it did not replicate. Support person manually changed it while I was on the phone and it came through pretty much instantly. My phone works!

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