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    Hi all,

    The problem:
    - I've set the poweroff timeout to 3 mins on my 650
    - I have the "latest" firmware installed
    - when I use palm apps, such as memo pad, it would time out and blank the screen in like 30 secs.

    Am I missing some settings? How can I keep the palm screen up for longer period of time?

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    Try resetting the phone. If that dosent work try opening prefs again and changing the value, opening and reclosing. If that dosent work try deleting the saved preference file then ging into the backup folder and double clicking it to reinstall it, then sync.
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    Get StopDim.

    You have the Cingular firmware I am guessing and it's a bug.
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    owww yaaaa, I forgot about that one Scottys right


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