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    I thought I'd spread the news., which is a traffic web service for California (and newly added Aarizona) has just updated their mobile web site.
    Sigalert is really just about the best free source for traffic. For a mere $20 per year you can get customized SMS alerts, traffic reports, and (previously) access to a WAP web site with your traffic routes. I've used this for about 2 years now and love it. I even tried the Palm Traffic, but this is much better if you're in California.
    I logged in today and noticed they have just announced that they have a new mobile web site that in HTML instead of WAP. The WAP is still there (for subscribers only,) but now they have an HTML version with better representation of your traffic routes and more importantly, they now have a mini version of the Bay Area traffic map! Best of all the traffic map is interactive and you can click on the accident icon to get info about that traffic just as you could from the full site. The full site's map, unfortunately never worked on any of the Treo's web browsers so I'm really glad they added this mobile version. They only have the Bay Area and Sacramento right now, but I assume they'll be adding all of them eventually?
    One of the other things like most about this upgrade is the accident information. On the full site you can get updated detail as an accident is handled, but you didn't have access to that information on the wap site. With the new mobile site you can get all of the accident information and just about everything you can access on the full site.

    To use the mobile site it's $20/year (there's a 30 day free trial) for customized routes and SMS alerts, but it's FREE to use the mobile map and general accident info.
    To access it, it's from any web browser or just go to from the Blazer web browser and it'll auto-detect that you're on a Treo and send you to the mobile site.
    If you try the normal URL from Xiino you'll get the full site, so you'll have to add the /W/ to the end.

    You can give the mobile site a shot from IE or Firefox and check it out:
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    Another alternative site for maps of the LA area is Open to all.

    Progress? Well, at least I can get color traffic maps now...
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