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    I have a blackberry now, and finally am getting a Treo 600 that I should have purchased in the first place . I used to have a Handspring Prisim with all the SW that want on my treo still resident in my computer ( I can still restart the hotsync). THe question I have is should I uninstall all of that SW again and start fresh with the Treo or should I hotsynch to what I have now.

    FWIW I do not plan on having the wireless access will be doing cable synchs now like I do on the blackberry. Thanks in advance for responses.
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    haha my brother just bought the new nextel BB 7100i. he is leaving that for a treo 650. everyone, come to treo!
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    I would sync the Treo as a new device first. Then, Do a search to make sure the old programs are compatible. Next beam one program over at a time and make sure it runs and your Treo remains stable.

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