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    I purchased my Treo 600 in Jan '04. At that time, Sprint was having a doozy of a time trying to determine what service plans to give the phone (it was still pretty new then), and so I was "grandfathered" in to the old Treo 300 (i think) service plan which included unlimited text messaging (aka Wireless Web Messages).

    I unfortunately had to exchange my Treo this week for a refurb (4th time now I think, but I digress), and they have screwed up my plan. They put me on 100 text message limit. I just spent 25 minutes arguing with this CS supervisor that says I have only had 100 since I got the phone. I don't think I've ever gotten so mad at someone in my life.

    Does anyone else remember these "grandfathered" service plans?? I know I am not crazy. Just in August I took a trip for work, and checked the website to see how many anytimes minutes I had left. And, I very clearly remember looking at the Wireless Web Messages section and seeing "unlimited". It is separate from the phone minutes section, and is called out at the bottom of the page, so it can't be mistaken for anything else.

    Can anyone help?? Stupid website won't let me get to my archived invoices.... Pretty interesting, huh?

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    I have one of those grandfathered plans. $10 vison plan w/ unlimited text messages.

    Just keep calling till you get someone that will help you. Could take 3-4 trys.

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