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    Found this link over at Pocket PC Thoughts:

    This week, instead, we've been hard at work at the bigger story: all the changes with Palm and the Palm OS. Last week, in "The continuing mystery that is Palm, Inc.," we looked at some of the core issues with Palm's changes. One of the biggest issues, of course, is how the Palm developer community will fare after all the dust settles.

    We asked five Palm OS developers five main questions:
    • What are your thoughts about the Windows Treo and PalmSource's sale to ACCESS?
    • Do you intend to continue to develop Palm OS software? If so, for how long? Do you have any concerns?
    • Do you currently develop Windows Mobile software? Do you intend to start developing for the Windows Mobile platform?
    • Do you still consider the Palm OS software market a viable business opportunity?
    • Do you have any other comments or opinions on this news?

    We got some very interesting answers. The developers we spoke to were:

    • Kevin Benedict, CEO of MobileDataforce, whose chief products are Intercue Mobility Suite and PointSync
    • David Haupert, CEO of DDH Software, who produces the well-known HanDBase product
    • Iain Barclay, co-founder and chief products officer of Electric Pocket, whose products are BugMe!and Ringo
    • Jim Brady, CEO of Earthcomber, who makes the Earthcomber travel guide, and
    • Todd Sherman, president of Smart Box Design. Todd makes Farkle and WordPop!

    This is a very interesting view into the world of those companies that make the Palm OS. After all, without the after-market and the programs that deliver unique features to the handhelds, the Palm would be just another organizer.

    And now, our interviews...


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    Wow! Strong stuff!
    "When Palm announced today that its new smartphone would run an operating system from Microsoft, it was the equivalent of Coca-Cola agreeing to fill its bottles with Pepsi." ~David M. Ewalt, Forbes Magazine
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    Nothing especially suprising or new there. Obvisously the WM focused ruggedized vendor was the most pessimistic about Palmos while the others had varying degrees of opinons...
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