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    I bought a brand new treo 650 verizon on for $350.00 for my girlfriend. When she tried to activate Verizon said the ESN is showing up as stolen/lost. I tried to get a hold of the person that sold it to me but his phone and email is canceled. So my question is this phone useless now? I feel sick to my stomach loosing $350.00. Any suggestions would be helpful.
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    ask verizon who it belonged too? usually they will contact that person to see if they want to phone back or if they already have a replacent maybe the person could reimbers you for the phone so you wont be totally out of luck. Once the esn is flagged stolen or lost they dont go back to active until the original owner allows it. good luck
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    p.s. this is reason buying phones from internet is risky. in the future get the esn before hand and call to make sure its legit, good luck
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    Quote Originally Posted by td67mustang
    p.s. this is reason buying phones from internet is risky.
    Only if you use cash / money order.

    Did you use a cc ? If yes, simply dispute the charge.

    You might alos get some satiafaction from contacting your state's Attorney General or the FBI and report the fraud. While you cannot find this individual, they have a LOT more tools at their disposal and might be able to resolve this quickly (relatively speaking).
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    Remember the old saying, "If it looks to good to be true".
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    I doubt the police department will put much effort into it, but with the headers of the emails (if you still have them), and a little help from the ISP, you should be able to find out who the person is.
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    Gee, another Craigslist issue.. Imagine that. Who woulda thunk.
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    that sucks man... sorry to hear about your loss.
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