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    I too have the sig as 'Sent wirelessly from my Treo 650'.

    As an aside, while it's good that there are some ads out there, are those ads in any way not next to completely useless? They use a pukey orange-shaded color scheme so they can't even show the natural colors of the device, which I think would be more appealing. And the Brooklyn ad at least describes what the device might be good for. 'Arrive before you get there' and others seem pretty silly to me.
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    Those same Treo 650 ads are also here in San Francisco on the bus stop shelters. CNBC (Market Watch) just a minute ago showed the Treo because they will shortly be interviewing a head person at Sprint regarding the Sprint/Nextel merger. So this will help to inform people that a Treo is a Treo, not a Blackberry.

    More people ask me the difference between a Treo and Blackberry, as opposed to mistaking my Treo for a Blackberry. Here in San Francisco, I see people everywhere on the streets carrying a Treo. It's starting to become popular here. Nowhere near as popular as a cheap flip phone of course, but the Treo is positively gaining ground.
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    While I don't mind adding a brief sig on my AOL or corporate e-mail touting the Treo...

    Verizon ticked me off!

    I use MMS (not on my plan so I pay each time I use it) to occassionally post to a service that can't accept AOL or Corporate e-mail attatchments, but does accept Verizon MMS. Lately I noticed that the MMS message that I am paying for, inserts all sorts of wordy promos for Verizon services. It's not short and subtle at all, but blatent advertizing. I'm talking multiple lines of text here. I don't want that junk posted each time I use MMS. I think it may be a Vzn server thing, because I didn't have this problem before. And to think I gave them free publicity on my corp and AOL e-mails!
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