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    "So, PalmOS has some time to get its **** together. It's just amazing how many ****ups it's survived through so far."

    right on the button. yeah, im not sure how palm can continue to be successful this way.

    in letting palmsource go, they lost a lot of ammunition in the market. the treo is their last great hope truthfully. the other handhelds are ok, but theyre not home runs by any stretch in today`s market.

    they have nice hardware designs, but having a great software os to match great hardware would have really put palm by itself among other companies.

    hopefully ed colligan can steer palm out of trouble. we will see.
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    Yes, the Treo is there last, great hope.
    And like MTV, they will spin it off into sub-brands. Not Tungsten Treo, or Zire Treo...
    No, much simpler.

    A PalmOS Treo.
    A Windows Mobile Treo.
    A PalmLinuxOSSmashTogetherCreation Treo.

    And maybe even a modular Treo where you CHOOSE a CDMA or GSM GameBoy-type insertable module with the corresponding cellular radio; and a cartridge/flash memory card holding the OS of your choice. Businesses could use CoTS* Treo's and use a proprietary OS they use, for, I don't know, RFID tracking; or dog food scanning. Or porn catalouging in the 818.

    The possibilites are endless.

    *Commerical off the shelf. Boo yah.
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    Quote Originally Posted by [ls]
    ...Their Linux-based course correction may help, but it's pretty late to the game. However, the fact that Access and Palm were both bidding on PalmSource is a good sign. The fact that Access had the capital and desire to outbid Palm is also a good sign -- they obviously aren't doing it as some attempt to 'save palm' or close in on a liability. Access could always swap platforms - most of a browser's complexity is in the browsing code, not the platform stuff...
    This is the part I never get - IF Palm OS is an important part of Palm's Treo future, why in the h#!! would you EVER let it get away a second time, especially to an offshore vendor with no commitment to the US market? They could have coughed up more cash if it was truly part of their future - why risk a large (1/2?) part of your product base on an unknown OS developer. At least with Windoze, Palm knows they won't go away. What if the Symbian alliance shows up with buckets of cash to buy out Access and kill a competing cell and smartphone operating system?

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    Palm valued POS so little, they did not even want to offer any real capital for it. They wanted a 1/2 cash 1/2 stock offer, and the 1/2 cash offer was only as much as they already said they would pay over the next 3 years (about $140 million) anyway. They were not willing to dig in their pockets, or go into debt for POS.

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    Very sensibly written article here on the topic on PDA24/7:

    Palm OS is not dead, it's just had a minor heart attack
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