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    I was stupid enough to lose my (two month old) Treo last week. I've put my Cingular account on hold while I figure out what to do and wondered if any of you veterans had some advice.

    I have been toying with getting an unlocked Treo instead of the Cingular model I lost. Is that worthwhile or should/can I unlock the Cingular-specific replacement myself? It's dial up networking that particularly appeals.

    Also, if I buy an unlocked model, how does the SIM card issue work given that I've lost mine? Will Cingular give me a SIM card without me buying a new phone from them?

    Lastly, I paid $450 for my Treo at a Cingular store and left with the nagging feeling I could have got a better deal elsewhere. If I end up getting a Cingular (i.e. locked) replacement, where do you recommend I buy?

    Many thanks in advance for any ideas!

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    For next time, you may consider installing "lost" software. This software will read incoming SMS messages for a special keyword (like "lost") and then immediately lock the phone and display your owner's information. That screen could have your contact info, and perhaps list a small reward.

    mLock and TreoHelper can be used for this function. It sure beats typing in a freaking password every time I turn the treo on...

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    Thanks for the tip. These sound like programs I should have investigated before!

    Does anyone have any thoughts about the issue of where to buy my replacem,ent Treo and whether I can/should pursue an unlocked model given that I have no SIM card now?

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    Hi Tonyt! Are you TonyTal of the other lost treo thread?

    If not, you two should have a beer during this full moon!!
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    No, I am another TonyT. It seems us Tonys just can't keep our goddamn Treos in our pockets!

    Now then, can anyone help me with my original question?
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    I'm a Sprint user, so I will let the GSM folks jump in here.

    Cheers, Perry
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    Hi Tony,

    I have lost a phone in the past and Cingular gave me a new sim with my old number. The said that they could simply deactivate the lost sim.

    As for what the is the best deal on a Treo maybe someone else can answer that because I'm not sure. I do know that you can unlock the Cingular units if that helps.
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    Thank you folks. I guess I will cross the unlocking bridge when I come to it and probably just go with a Cingular branded replacement. (The lack of warranty puts me off the unlocked eBay route and the absurd price difference puts me off the direct-from-Palm route.) If anyone has any strategies for getting a better price om one of these I would REALLY appreciate it. I will need to replace the phone very soon!

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