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    I have had a "normal" cell phone and seperate PDA for quite some time.. I've had Palm based and Windows based PDA's. I was looking at replacing both with either a Treo 650 or a XV6600/SX66 when work handed me a Blackberry with unlimited Data plan on it - ...

    After about a week with the Blackberry, I don't think I am overly impressed (it's with Cingular). I think I can transfer the money the company is putting in the data plan to another device, if I purchase the device myself, so I am back in the market, so to speak.

    E-mail on the Blackberry is awesome - web browsing is pitiful, and I have been fighting for about 3 days to get Instant Messenger to work at all, but it keeps giving an error - the folks on have had the same problem, and apparently you have to say exactly the right thing in exactly the right order to exactly the right person at Cingular to get the account set up to allow *something* to be done so that Instant Messenger and many other web type apps to work.

    Realizing that this is probably carrier dependent, is getting stuff like this to work on the Treo this difficult? I don't want to go through the trouble of convincing work that I need to change the data plan, plus buying a new device for myself only to end up with the same problems I am having now. I think I know that the Blackberry data plans are different from the PDA phone data plans, so I am hoping that is the difference that would make a Treo easier to get working.

    My long term goal is to have e-mail, IM, web browsing, and remote desktop ability from the handheld with reasonable performance. Am I asking for too much?

    Yes, I am posting the same thing on the pdaphone forum in case there are different folks there with different thoughts - if you see it both places, don't yell at me about cross posting - it IS a different message board...
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    The Treo is great, not perfect as you will find out from these forums, but most of us like them.
    Email is ok if you use something other than versamail which is very basic (ok for me). web browsing is ok & I know several people on these forums use IM. I don't.
    There are programs out there to allow you to access your desktop remotely.
    GPS works on it fine - I use Tom Tom Navigator 5.12.
    MP3's ok with realplayer, but some people prefer pocketunes.
    Be choosy with the software you put on the treo, only one program at a time and you should be ok.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rctoyguy
    ...My long term goal is to have e-mail, IM, web browsing, and remote desktop ability from the handheld with reasonable performance. Am I asking for too much?

    Yes, I am posting the same thing on the pdaphone forum in case there are different folks there with different thoughts - if you see it both places, don't yell at me about cross posting - it IS a different message board...
    I'm happy with my treo, too. What you are asking are already possible on the treo. Do a search on snappermail, verichat, xiino, and palmvnc. You'll get info on these apps as well as other alternatives.
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    Agreed, all that is possible with the Treo as I do it with my 600, HOWEVER, I think you should wait for the 700w and you will likely find it seamless for what you want. (I'm assuming your work environment is Windoze & Exchange based)
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    The blackberry client on Treo is not available yet. First quarter 2006.
    If you can access your email with an IMAP or POP client, then you can get going with a Treo now.

    If bandwidth is important to you (as it might be with remote desktop), you might want to wait for an EV-DO Treo. The Blackberry client that they just announced was for PalmOS, so I don't know if the Windows Mobile Treo 700w will be compatible with Blackberry. Palm has indicated that there will be another PalmOS Treo, and it's expected that it'll have EV-DO, but they have not announced a release date.
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    I concur with samkim.

    As well, I believe the "700p" will be out in the 1st Q 2006, along with Blackberry connect.

    The Treo is the best all around device: PDA, Phone, Web, E-Mail, Music, Camera . . . . .

    When Blackberry connect arrives, it will make the Treo that much stronger. The blackberries have some catching up to do on the PDA and Phone front.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Agreed - Treo wins. Also it is an OPEN architecture and has far more
    software for it than any other SmartPhone.

    That is *VERY* important for the quality of the applications and the

    The sickness of needing "pushed email" is something you just want to
    overcome unless you want IMAP or the upcoming Blackberry-equivalent

    I *prefer* to initiate "pulled email" or have it poll occasionally by itself.

    SNAPPERMAIL is excellent in these regards, beating out in my evaluations
    Versamail, Eudora Internet Suite Mail, Chattermail, Mail with Verizon Wireless
    Sync, etc.

    Also, SNAPPERMAIL's attachment handling is AWESOME.
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    I moved from treo to bb and wouldn't go back. The treo is a little shop of horrors device "feed me" and mail/ease of use/reliability/sturdiness doesn't come close. I have a 7100T and have a nice lightweight form factor (it is also solid...dropped to concrete a half dozen times and barely a scratch). If you go treo and you travel internationally, stay gsm or you will be carrying an expensive but useless toy.
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    I adored my BB 950 and later the 957, so I anxiously awaited its long-promised looks-like-a-phone version. It was coupled with a Palm PDA. When the BB phone baby hit, I was among the first to grab it; tried it; and broke speed records returning it. (The only other PDA-like device I ever returned was the Palm IIIxe {muddy screen}, since I'm a stone cold gadget hound.) There were just too many "little things" which conspired to drive me up the wall. For instance, every time I tapped to open a web link, the BB would ask for confirmation. Double taps, for every friggin link! The new keyboard software was dicey, esp when entering names, addresses or web site URLs. Trying to enhance organization with the built-in PIM stuff was downright funny, when compared with the wealth of Palm (and PPC) offerings. And my beloved email, in terms of composing, was anything but easy with that new-fangled keyboard from hell.

    When I took it back, I saw the Treo 600. I knew then that the 650 was coming, and soon, but I passed since I've learned NOT to grab ooo-I-just-hit-the-street devices from Palm-- too many headaches. I then discovered ChatterEMail, which gives me a true BB push, always-on email experience, with no hassles whatsoever. My registered copy of SnapperMail thus landed in my abandoned-apps bin. That was last year, and I haven't looked back since.

    My (gsm) device stays loaded -- I've had months-long spins with zLauncher, Agendus 9x, KeySuite, CallFilter (replaced by CallNotes & Ringo, since CF doesn't play well with some apps and the developer has all but disappeared), TreoGuard, Butler ... all the usual suspects, with Chatter always running in the background, and Causerie frequently running as well. Yet, I've been reset free for months. A Piel Frama flip case keeps my baby safe, since I'm no stranger to the dropsies.

    In short, while I'll be the first to admit that I'd "prefer" the 650's screen, I refuse to go near it due to memory hassles, lingering stability issues, and its unlocked even-on-ebay pricing. I can, and have, literally traveled without my laptop, and have still been able to do all I need/want, courtesy of the 600. My future may hold a Treo powered by Windows, but the one thing which will not grab my attention again-- a straight BB device. It was killa back in the day, but these days, from **my** perspective, it's just too inherently limiting, and comparatively uncomfortable.

    One woman's opinion, y'all. Gotta love this field-- plenty for everyone to make a choice, and thus be happy.
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    Were I you I'd the 650 now -- I have great success with it using it for email (not a heavy road warrior - I use the default Versamail program for pop3 and Gmail), web browsing, movie viewing, music listening, and memo writing. (even get decent pictures & video in a crunch).

    EDGE internet browsing -- which as a Cingular user will be available to you -- is faster than dial up (about 125kbs). EVDO is something the CDMA users have been pining for because their current CDMA web experience sucks. Edge is deployed and usable with the 650 now on Cingular (or T-Mobile).
    755P Sprint SERO (upgraded from unlocked GSM 650 on T-Mobile)
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    Thanks for all the info... I'm getting the Blackberry closer to "usable" LOL - but I still think I would rather have a 650. Not sure about waiting on the windows version. I don't know if I would want the first generation of something that new.

    I actually think I might like the ability to "pull" e-mail when I want better than this always pulling thing from BB too.
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    Is the "network" (data) connection always on with the Treo? I mean, would something like Instant Messenger be able to run all the time, or do you have to connect in some fashion to have Internet access, then disconnect after use?

    Along the same lines, does it allow things to run in the background? with the same example - could you start Instant Messenger, then "minimize" it to keep it running while you do other things with the Treo?

    Is this carrier dependent? I'd be Cingular with the unlimited data plan.

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