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    I'm wait for blackberry come out to Treo soon. Just wondering will Blackberry provide email account like username@(carrier)
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    Blackberry is meant as an enterprise solution. In other words, it is designed to give you access to your corporate email account. If you just want a personal email account, with "push" capability, then get chatter and a free imap account. A search of these forums will give you a wealth of information on that solution.
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    how it works now with t-mobile.

    if you dont have a BES server, you can get email 2 ways.

    u set up your email account(s) on thier web page. They "poll" your account(s) every 20 minutes and "push" it to your blackberry.

    the second way is that u actually get an email address, but I'm not sure if it is or this email you get right away.

    I going to assume that it will work the same way for the treo.
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