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    I've on my cingular webpage thingy for members you know pay bills and such.

    I'm trying to order the unlimited plan internet usage thingy, but it says N/a.

    Soim forced to live with 10 mb?!?! for 14.99$?!?! can someone tell me wth is oging on?! i thought cingular had..unlimited =(
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    Yeah, the unlimited Media net plan is not on the OLAM (online account manager.) The two ways to get it are call customer service and ask. If that doesn't work you order it from this page
    But when you do it from the page it's not immediate. It could take a day or two to be activated (as I thinks someone does it by hand.)
    Oh yeah, and if you go in to a cingular corporate store (has to be corporate, not branded reseller) they can do it there if you just ask.
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    Even if a CSR tells you its added, watch your bill. The CSR told me it was added and I could use it immediately, so I did. When I got my bill there were charges for the Internet for that first day. After calling, I got a credit fro them, but it took about 30 minutes on the phone with another CSR.

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