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    Pocket tunes: TCMP...
    Phone technician
    Pdanet for 300. What is so different about the way the treo accesses data, that pda apps, needed a different version of pdanet for the treo 300, 600, and 650.
    Verichat: unreliable
    Card export : should I have reall paid 14.99 for that. I purchases usb thumb drive 2 (sd and sd mini) in one reader for 9.99

    Honestly ever treo app I have ever purchased( switch to Windows mobile) "but I'm speaking about apps that were unusable while I had my treo".

    One question, Since the Liscense for all of our software is tranferable, wouldn't it be a good idea to share those them with people who might need them.

    If anyone need the of my liscenses for any of my unused software let me know. I only have a single liscense (and believe in Protecting pay Software) so first come first served.
    Matter of fact someone should start a thread, where old user of pay software, can sell, or exchnage their software the no longer use. Hey with a lot of people switch to windows version of the treo, why let all that cool treo software goto waste
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    Wow - Call Filter and Ringo are two of the apps that I use the most. For me, it would have to be Pocket Chess.
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    . . . . . zero support from MantraGroup
    .. . . . (CallFilter-- too spastic on the 650)
    . . . . . replaced with Ringo Pro 4.42, which works beautifully (NOT 4.44 {resets when phone rings})
    . . . . . CallNotes delightfully adds note feature

    . . . . . elevated "clean refrigerator" over do-or-die work deadline too many times

    PalmaryClock for Treo
    . . . . . way too much space for a clock, on the 650; fine on 600 though

    Agendus Pro (used for years)
    . . . . . replaced with DateBk6 (MUCH more comprehensive auto-log & linking features)
    . . . . . . . + Pimlico's freebie Journaler on the DT
    . . . . . Agendus = slooooooow load on my 650

    . . . . . replaced with Resco Backup (MUCH more flexible and reliable)
    . . . . . love that Resco auto-backups just the savedprefs every 8 hours

    . . . . . by the time they upgraded their app, I had moved on
    . . . . . replaced with iSilo for searching plain text on the SD card
    . . . . . replaced with FindWiz for internal RAM searches

    GraffitiAnywhere; TealScript
    . . . . . GA won't do punctuation on the 650
    . . . . . TS is a jittery sometime-y mess on the 650
    . . . . . replaced with MobileWrite (eHeaven!)

    . . . . . I learned to loathe it
    . . . . . replaced with MobileSystems Office Classic (luv it)

    ZLauncher (used for years)
    . . . . . resets with it installed; stability without
    . . . . . returned to PowerRun -- never a reset!
    . . . . . replaced with HiLauncher (luv it)

    ODO (with desktop component)
    . . . . . returned to TealAuto, which finally gives me the reports I need, per recent upgrades & intelligent csv export

    Splash ID
    . . . . . returned to eWallet, per v4 upgrade
    . . . . . prefer the built-in flexibility of eWallet4
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    Can I vote 1/2 ... Bought BackUpBuddyPro Bundle and only use BackUpBuddyVFS. I don't Use Natara Bonzai that much but when I do use it, it's handy/
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    ya!wa do you use in place of zlauncher ?
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    I use hackerdudesan's PowerRUN.
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    It is so embarrassing. These are some of the Palm Apps I've registered and don't use since I've moved to the Pocket PC platform. It also reflects 7 years of using a Palm device:

    eReader Pro
    Launcher X
    Quickoffice Premier
    Treo600 Connection Manager
    Palm Web Pro
    WebSphere Micro Environment MIDP 2.0
    CIC WordComplete
    PiDirect II
    mobile CLOCK (formerly Bobs Alarm)
    Phone Technician
    Hard Button Extender (HBX)
    Oxford American Dictionary and Thesaurus for Palm OS
    Expense Ez
    Expense 2020
    2 day
    DataViz Docs To GO
    Backup Buddy VFS
    Voice Signal
    TextPlus (bounced back and forth between this and Word complete)
    A bunch of hacks like - Phonelookup Hack, Popup Calc, Popup Favorites,
    PopNames, Popup Note, Popup Time
    Lots of games like - Aggression, ReverC, SOLITAIRES, Minipolis, Monopoly, Yahtzee, BeBop, Singlenumber (same as "Sudoku" before the Japanese named it), GinRummy , Crazy8, Klondike, Mahjongg, Socoban, SimCity
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    Hoo-boy... this is sad. Here's those that got my money, and don't use anymore:

    Ultrasoft Money
    Zap! 2000/2016
    BackupBuddy (desktop version)
    XCade (only because it crashes on the Treo)
    Address Plus / Address Multi Edit
    Vivonic Fitness Planner
    4.0 Student
    MonkeyTone (pointless waste of cash - never worked)
    I-WayInfo (PC only / abandonware)

    Of all those, I only miss one: Ultrasoft Money. I switched from a PC to Mac in 2003, and Microsoft doesn't make MS Money for Mac. So, I switched to the Pocket Quicken / Quicken for Mac combination.

    There's a chance mRing might soon be added to this list.
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    Treo 600/650

    Call fillter
    Snapper (chatter the best application out there)
    pocket tunes (rather use my ipod)

    Just wasted $31 on MS Voice command for a ppc6700 that don't use anymore
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    callnotes!!!! No more so now help with lost passwords!! I need to use it and when I loaded on a new treo it went back to trial period. now im locked out...agggh
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    1) Silverscreen - Not nearly as useful as ZLauncher
    2) 300 Bowl - I found a better bowling game
    3) Mergic VPN - This one hurt a lot, Cingular doesn't allow PPTP passthrough
    4) Dejobaan Bebop - Seemed interesting, but really wasn't after awhile
    5) Mocha Telnet - Went away with the VPN, have to use SSH now

    Besides Mergic and Telnet, all of the above were really short lived...

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    Since there seem to have so many new users, I thought I'd bump this poll question again.
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    Memosafe: lack of support for the 5-way directional drove me nuts. Purchased ABCTextPad instead. Nice program.

    LudusP: This one started so promising. Cannot toggle speakerphone if screen is disabled during calls. Cannot map Blazer, a specfic URL or certain other functions to the hard keys. This app is actually still loaded on my phone in the hope that the above mentioned problems are resolved at some point. But currently it languishes, deactivated.

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    For me it goes like this...

    Previous: Wordsmith, Fitaly, PTunes, Merriam-Webster Dictionary card.

    Treo: Phone Technician, Kinoma 4... so far.
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