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    Where is the app that gives us cursor controh
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gekko
    Thanks, Gekko.

    This is is not quite what I was looking for, but it looks like it does solve a part of the equation. I'll be trialing (is that a word?) the software.

    I'm looking for an app/da that allows the 5-way to behave like a mouse, by moving a cursor around the screen. I know the concept is possible because there are programs that allow graffiti-like drawing on the screen. That tells me it is possible to navigate. I want the tracking of that movement without the display of the path.

    Then, when the center button is clicked, a "tap" is performed. If the cursor is over a button, the "tap" performs the associated action. If the cursor is over a text box, the "tap" places the blinking line in the text for editting. If the cursor is over a list/menu, the "tap" opens the list/menu.
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    For example, in FileZ (which SharkNav shows on its website) the 5-way navigates around the buttons and the column headings, but it does not allow me to click one of the triangles to expand the list, or click one of the list items. Also, when I do manually expand the list, the up and down buttons no longer scroll the list. So, while I gain one-hand access to the controls, I lose access to the content.

    I suppose I should send my suggestions to the developer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shopharim
    Where is the app that gives us cursor controh
    EzRocker is what you want! Here is the link:
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    Quote Originally Posted by TreoDave
    EzRocker is what you want! Here is the link:
    YES!!! That's it.

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    I did it. I bought it. $15 is steep. But I decided to reward the developer who created exactly what I wanted.
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    This looks great!
    I do have some apps that dont support 5-way and a few apps that have tiny touch screen buttons that are hard to hit but man,,, its a real toss up if EZrocker will make use of those apps much easier.

    It takes a good 1 to 2 seconds (depending on many variables) to move the mouse to the needed spot. And 15 bucks is awfully steep,,,

    shopharim, you've had it for a few days, hows it working? Any resets? Whats your thoughts.

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