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    Hello all,

    I was wondering if there is someone other there willing to send me an iso image of the Treoo 600 software CD or a zipped content of the entire CD. I lost my CD and I need to re-install all the software for my Treo.

    If anyone can help, please contact me at and I will supply an FTP server where the files can be uploaded.

    Thank you.

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    Can't remember what the CD includes... need something you can't find at Palm's site?

    Good luck.
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    Thanks. I did visit that link prior to posting in the forum. I noticed most of the software on the CD are not listed on that page. All they have listed are patches and updates. I completely reset my Treo using some magic key combo and now I need to re-install the apps that were on the CD. I guess I can call Palm for a copy but they will charge me for it. :\

    Thanks again.

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