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    As I mentioned in other posts, I just installed Tom Tom Navigator 5. It has been working great for a few minor complaints, but I'm still not used to the software yet either, and new to the whole GPS thing.

    If I take a phone call while using Tom Tom, then go back into the program, the volume is lowered. I believe I probably adjusted my volume during the call, and thought that may have something to do with it. I opened volume preference within Tom Tom and it shows the same level as prior to taking the call.

    Has anyone noticed these issues? If so, is there a workaround or a fix, or am I just doind something wrong?
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    Not for me. I can't get the volume to change ever. Its loud or loud.

    I want to buy a voice but I can't figure out how to checkout..then Loud volume will be funny.


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    Try using Volume Care. I have purchased the addon to be selectable for what apps Volume Care should control volume to. Tom Tom, Pocket Tunes and the phone app are all controlled by VC on my Treo. Works great and there's no problems after returning from a phone call either.

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