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    One of things that moved out along with my ex was her sound/sleep machine. Basically a huge-a** clock radio that would play various repetative sounds like wind, rain and the ocean. Really did miss that gizmo - until:

    1) Ocean sounds CD from one of those annoying kiosk things at Target. $10
    2) Old set of pc speakers. Free
    3) Grip (Linux based CD ripping software). Free
    4) Treo (and Pocket Tunes) on the nightstand sticking it (at least a tiny bit) to the ex. Priceless!

    *Plus the Treo travels better than a 10lb clock radio.
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    Eliminated one more device. Installed Perfect Pitch and my Treo is now also my guitar tuner. Works much better than my old stand alone tuner and is always with me.
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    ... wow!.. does our Treo go that far! I think this is truely a unique way of utilizing it. Thanks kenspen
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