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    I also use it to forwarad my notes I take to my email and read/study for my test before hand!
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    a couple months ago I was emailed a frequent shopper discount coupon from Staples. I thought it said all I had to do was show the Staples card, but the store manager said no, I needed to have the coupon. i pulled out the Treo, logged into my e-mail account, and showed the guy the coupon, & got my 25% off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WiggyFife
    I pick my nose w/ the antenna...
    My, what big nostrils you have...
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    oooh yeah!!!
    I'm not weird... I'm gifted!!!
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    I use my Treo to look up the cheapest gas prices using ... I also post the prices along my way to work as I drive down the road.
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    I frequently take mine to the gym where cam phones are banned, and I take zoomed pics of womans behinds...
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    Been a while since I posted. I use the treo for the following:
    1) MP3 player while at the gym with an armband called tunebelt
    2) MP3 player for the car broadcasting with Irock 450 fm transmitter (awesome)
    3) GPS Navigator with Mapopolis (Pretty good nav system)
    4) Games (not unique but do help pass the time)
    5) Email, Phone and Scheduler obviously
    6) Used to operate my computer at office remotely to check files I forgot while on the road. Forgot the program but it was once free then changed to pay program. Cool thing (like a vpn). Now I have my secretary send me the files
    7) open attachments in word and excel
    8) Camera is crap I never use it
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    Quote Originally Posted by robkz
    8) Camera is crap I never use it
    I find the Treo 650 camera to be better then most phones on the market, even ones that are 1.3 megs w/ flash
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    Quote Originally Posted by khaytsus
    Flee, yeah, you are probably one of the 10 using the HP49.. Sissies.

    Real men use the hp48. Although I don't use it much, at one point I did have quite a few of my programs I collected/wrote on my real hp48 in the power48 emulator, but they got lost a while back somehow, so now it's a standard install.

    It's amazing the things I used to do with my hp48.. Wrote all sorts of programs for it to do various things, and had all kinds of fun programming it. It'd be nice if the Treo had 320x480, as the emulator is *perfect* that that size.
    Where does one get the power48 emulator? I've been looking for it, but can't find it. I'm a huge HP 48G fan...
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    Wow thats some serious use of your Treo!!
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    used it as a flash lighte a few times
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    I track my billable time using an old database called ThinkDB. I log the time & description as I work, then download into my billing system. No more DayTimers & transcribing stuff!
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    earlwer can u describe how that solution for tracking time and expenses works. I need something like that can export to excel
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    I use it with a program called baby binks to entertain my son while changing his diapers.
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    I use mapopolis to find out where my pizza deliveries are...sad, huh?
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    I have a small business I run from my home office so when I'm out at my other job, I have my faxes (and voicemails) forwarded to me via email. I'm also trialing RemotePlus to access my server at home... boring but effective...
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    I use my Treo to surf the net and check Treocentral while at dinner during a really boring conversation, just like I'm doing right now. The best thing is nobody has a clue what I'm doing.

    Woops, someone just asked what I'm doing on my phone. Gotta go.
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    I went to comedy show last night & recorded the whole show with mVoice... gonna clean the audio up a lil bit with my pc & burn it to a CD
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    Perhaps it is one of the regular capabilities but I thought that it is worth mentioning here... I dont keep my Treo far when watching movies in subtitle.

    I have dictionaries on my Treo, which becomes very instrumental when watching a movie that has words I dont know. So, instead of searching on my ancient paper dictionary, I reach to my Treo, type the word... bam!.. instant knowledge while missing meaning and the curiosity is so fresh.

    Meanwhile, thanks to all contributors on this subject for their valuable postings as well as all readers. I would never guess this many readership when I started this thread. I think, it will keep growing as we all keep using our Treo.
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    I have Ultrasoft Money installed, and use it to sync my money stuffs. That usually gets a from people.

    I also have the Leonard Maltin Movie Guide installed. Quite frequently I get the top geek award when I pull that app out.

    I like showing off my vacation pics with Splashphoto. I crop the best ones to 320x320 first.

    Also I have PalmVNC installed, and use it to remote into my XP Pro machine, but not very often. Mostly to check my Trillian popups.
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