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    So I found a code and unlocked my phone from cingular. I'd like to be able to ditch some of those annoying applications that cingular puts on the phone that I never use (and some of palm's). Xpress mail, Versa Mail, Quick Tour, GetGood.

    So, I've been reading and searching for roms but I'm a little weary about installing a rom that might kill my phone. Which rom can I use, how can I be sure my treo is unlocked (besides the fact that it said it was unlocked I've seen nothing different about it) and what other amazing things can I do now that my phone is unlocked?

    Will an unlocked treo help me get some?
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    I use Obfuscate to hide the unwanted ROM apps. It doesn't remove them. Just hides them from the launcher. Plus its free.
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    Well, Jonamerica,

    The only amazing thing you can do is to use some other carrier's SIM. I have an unlock GSM for a while now and I still can't get it to make my coffee for me in the morning.

    If you can get your hands on a T-Mobile SIM (go to the store and see if they let you - they may), you can dump Cingular and use T-Mobile. You can use local SIM when you travel out of the country. That's it.

    As to the other annoying Cingular apps, it looks like you research in other threads and found that you can reload ROW (not really a new ROM, but new software) and make your phone unbranded.

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