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    Hi - I bought a sprint 650 on ebay that was hacked to work on the verizon network. It's worked great, but I now want to get the latest [verizon] firmware and take advantage of the improved data storage. Here's my question:

    Pending that I backup my 650 correctly to my PC (and follow the firmware upgrade instuctions correctly), will I run into any data or software compatibility issues (aside from versamail) when I go to resync and restore my old settings and software under the new verizon based system?

    I'm hoping that I can do the upgrade, then resync my 650 and have all my old settings take effect. Am I horribly naive, or do I have a prayer?

    thanks very much!
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    Actually, I don't even care about software compatibility anymore... I went for the update, and ran into a rude awakening: Because my 650 is a sprint build, the verizon updater won't run (it's telling me it's not compatible...) Anyone know how to bypass this?

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