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    Looks like Palm plans on buying Garnet from Access. I think this would be a smart move and explain why Palm dropped out of the bidding and access raised the price to $324 million, knowing that Palm would pay them cash for Garnet. What say $60-100 million? This would make sense because Palm needs to start putting their large cash reserves to use. They have over $400 milion in cash burining a hole in their pocket.

    This article suggest that Access doesn't need all of Palmsources staff and isn't too interested in maintaining a full blown OS.

    This adds new insight into the rumors of a Palm linux featurephone. For now Palm licenses the PIM apps from palmsource, hooks em up with linux for feature phone, knowing that in a few months they will own the Palm OS.

    This would be a great move for Palm! All the while they dumped off all of the Cobalt fiasco and unwanted staff! Let someone else dump money into the blackhole of cobalt.
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    And here we are, back at square one...
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    At least Palm OS will survive ... for a while.

    But this seems to be a "stay of Execution" for us Palm OS users and developers. Isn't it only a matter of time before we all have to succumb to the dark side? Arrgh!
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    Cobolt was the only thing, other than Windows Mobile, that was going to save the Treo.

    The basics of the Garnet OS are over seven years old. Long in the tooth is an understatement.

    Garnet is a dead-end OS.

    Cobalt would have been nice...except after being released for nearly TWO YEARS there was NOT ONE device running Cobalt.
    This feat is the height of incompetence.
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    This would make no sense. Palm already has the right to use and develop on top of Garnet. And PalmSource stopped work on Garnet long ago.
    Acquiring Garnet would just put Palm back into the licensing business.

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