Well, I have to post this, and I'm posting it in general chat because I don't think it is only a Verizon issue, nor only a hardware issue. Many people on this board myself included have complained about dropped calls and poor service with the Treo 650. Well, I'm now here to eat my words becuase I figured out, it's not the 650. The reasons for the dropped calls are simply poor digital service in the area the calls are dropped.

I'm in Vegas this week as the wife has a conference. I have been everywhere with my phone and have used it in the lower levels of every high rise hotel here including the Wynn, New York, New York, the Bellagio and where I'd have suspected the worst service, in the MGM. I have never had less than three bars and have not dropped a call. In fact, I'm in my room now posting this using PdaNet. The hotel charges a $1.00 a call, so I've almost paid for PdaNet on this trip alone. Man, I wish St. Louis had coverage like this city, but I'll bet you don't get many complaints from members in Vegas.