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    1. Two radios, primary, and where the primary is low signal, automatically switch to secondary

    2. Have both the firmware and software on SD/SDIO/CF card, and perhaps even the radios. So, instead of "two radios", it is really two slots for radio carrier card in SDIO/CF fomat. Plug in two GSM "SD card" and you have two GSM lines, plug in a GSM and a CDMA/UMTS and you have a phone with both CDMA and GSM capability.

    3. While dreaming, may as well have a WiFI SD/SDIO/CF card, so you can connect via WiFi to do VOIP. You can mix any of these "carrier cards" and get it dual mode phone. If you are in WiFi coverage area and signal is strong, it use WiFi. But where WiFi is weak, it switch to the "secondary carrier card" in the secondary slot - use the GSM or CDMA card there.

    4. This phone is certainly ready for WiMax. Just plug the WiMax "carrier card" in one of the two slots when WiMax come to your area.

    5. POS/WM/Symbian, doesn't matter, the software is on SD, so you plug the one you like.

    6. A switch (hardware or software) to switch it to router/access point mode. So, if you have a GSM/CDMA card in one slot and WiFi in the other, your GSM/CDMA radio connects with the carrier while your WiFi now becomes an WiFi access point/router for your PC.

    7. With two radios, you can talk and data at the same time.

    8. Might as well add some basic router/firewall function - so if your Treo is serving as your router/access point to the world, you have basic firewall capability, and can share the connection with your friend as you see fit.

    9. Apart from Bluetooth headsets, a Bluetooth dial pad and status display so you can dial without even taking your phone out of the hoster.

    10. Dreaming is nice, I gotta work too... So, it should have WiFi xga video, so I can use one of those WiFi projector and show a power point.

    11. In a crunch, the WiFi can support external xga video along with a Bluetooth keyboard/mouse. Hack, with a 300mhz CPU, that is a hack of a lot faster then the IBM 360/370, or VAX, or IBM Model 80. Should be able to do a lot with that. Get a C compilier on it and you can even write some nice programs.

    12. For storage, 2g (by then, 8g or 16g) SD card for storage. May be both SD and CF format for storage. You can get a microdrive at 6 gig now, and 10 gig is coming. You can store a good size database to go.

    13. So, the Treo is just a card-cage with mini-display and mini-keyboard. 3 CF slots (2 for carrier, 1 for storage/other) and 2 or 3 SDIO slots for storage and firmware.

    Oh, I don't want the form factor to get any bigger, and probably needs better battary live, so it needs feul-cell instead of lithium battery.

    (Do I need to wake up yet, or should I keep dreaming...)
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    I want to be able to drive my Treo to work every morning. :-D
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheSmJ
    I want to be able to drive my Treo to work every morning. :-D
    I'd rather my Treo drive me to work instead.

    Better yet, I'll stay home and let my Treo go to work by itself. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Insertion
    I'd rather my Treo drive me to work instead.

    Better yet, I'll stay home and let my Treo go to work by itself.
    Well, since we are dreaming, I would like it to pick winning powerball numbers as well.
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    I would like to have unlimited calendar history on the Treo. I find it totally frustrating that I can only synch a few weeks with my company server. It seems like a simple request.
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    Yeah, but everything I "dream" about there are doable. The Sierra aircard is a complete cell radio on PCMCIA form factor. Cingular version of the Aircard is Edge capable. The Vzw 555 is 1xRTT and voice able (not 911 compatible, so they make a 555D which is data only due to 911 regulation). Sierra has another 1xRTT aircard that is CF form factor (Sprint) but with a battery that makes it oversize. So CF form factor for a cell radio is easily within reach.

    WiFi on SDIO or CF form factor is all over the place. Having a WiFi Nic turn into a WiFi access point or even a router/firewall is just firmware.

    Keeping the Treo keyboard, LCD, speaker, battery while putting the brain into CF/SD size should be easily doable. The only "dream" part about it is not technical but money - the carrier and the manufacturer both would rather you buy new phone then one that can do a brain transplant.
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    RickLaw, seems like you need the 6700.
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    Free hand jobs.

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