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    Im not sure when this started, but does anybody else have this issue? Or is there a certin program that causes this?

    On my Phone I have:

    NesEM, Warfare Inc, Doddle Bug, Takephone, Bhajis Loops, Snapper Mail, Splash Photo, Causerie, Mundu IM3, Backup Man, BT Mute, Butler, Ringo, VolumeCare, Clean Uninstall, Hand Zipper, Express, NR Deluxe, Voice Dailer, PowerRun, mVoice, Adobe Reader, and Zlancher (though it is not active).

    On my card i have:

    Backup Man, beatpad, bejeweled2, Chess Tiger, Chess Genius, FlashCardes, Multiplayer Championship Poker, Persian to English Dictionary, Madden06, MiniAlarm, NotePad, RhythmPro, Rifle Slugs, Scrabble, and TableFootball
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    This is a wild guess since I don't use Ringo (or most of the apps listed for that matter), but do you have a custom notification tone, such as an mp3, set up for your VM notification? If so, that seems like an obvious suspect to me.
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    This problem has been common among Ringo users, including myself. It would happen when the voicemail notifier came on. Try uninstalling/deleting Ringo and test it out.

    I ended up uninstalling Ringo and all is well.

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