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    This is pretty cool. Company says in article they are trying to develop this to go to cell phones too.

    Even now, to be in a hotel room or summer rental with a broadband connection, the Slingbox will allow you to bring your home tv's signal over the internet and into your laptop from there you could feed it to the hotel tv or watch the program on your laptop.

    Saw this in this months Consumer Reports and looked one up in CNET.

    Pretty nice technology for $249.
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    I was hearing about this on the Dave's iPaq podcast. They are able to do it on WM5 I think. I was half paying attention but it sounds cool.
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    But how would this stream to the 650? Doesn't it say you have to install their software on your PC in order to view it on the PC? You couldn't install their software on your Treo.
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    This piece of technology was reviewed in the CITA article (I believe) on the front page. The reviewer said it was ok video quality, and as of right now, you do have to use their specific software. The encoder uses a proprietary "no buffering" codec. The company expects to have a WM5 client out available for the WM Treo. The data requirements as far as download speed is concerned do not allow the current 650 to be a just needs faster speeds (don't we all).
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    Maybe when/if I get the 6700 I'll be able to check this app out. Sounds cool though. Wish it was coming to the 650.
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    I have a Slingbox and it is great. If you are on a fast network when you access it remotely, you can really get an almost realtime feed. I use it when I am traveling to access my TiVo as well as security camera feeds. Would LOVE to be able to do it from my Treo instead of just my laptop.
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