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    How do you clean your sync port? I have been having more and more trouble lately getting my hotsycn started, undoubtedly because the connection is dirty. Normally I can disconnect, blow, plug, wiggle and be fine - but lately, it is just getting silly the number of iterations I have to go through to get it syncing.

    Is there any "dry" method that won't wear away the parts? Has anyone tried using conductive oil on the contacts? Where can I get a REALLY soft wire brush?

    I must admit, I use my 650 in pretty harsh conditions: outside most of the time, dusty, dirty and often damp...not to mention the face and hand grease factor. It's not surprising that the sync port gets gummed up, but I don't want to damage it by cleaning it.
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    Have you tried any of the compressed air in a can solutions? Don't know if they would be controllable enough to clean your contacts, but it seems as though they might. Just a thought. Secondly, have you tried a different hotsync cable or cradle than the one you are currently using? The cable solutions are pretty cheap, and the cradles aren't too cost prohibitive. You could be working with a replacable faulty connector variable.
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    I guess I could borrow a buddy's cable and see if it works, except that about 50% of the time *my* cable works. I have used compressed air, and it works - I just can't stick it in my laptop case and carry it to work for my morning sync (after entering yesterday's data).
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    I wouldn't use any conductive greases or oils. The contacts are two close to each other and the likelihood of conducting across them is pretty good.

    I've used rubbing alcohol to clean electrical contacts with good results.
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