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    I am currently with t-Mobile and I have lots of friends that I use unlimited Tmo to Tmo calling with. I am planning on dumping my SidekickII for the Treo 650. My question is as follows. I see that most of the companies selling the Treo 650 are selling it for around $450 if you sign a 1 year contract, and around $250 if you sign a 2 year contract. I have learned from experience that a 2 year contract is a bad idea, so I see my expected price around $450. On ebay however I can buy a new unlocked Treo 650 from many powersellers for around the same price and then I can continue to use my existing Tmo service and take advantage of thier new edge networkds for little cost and have NO contract. My Tmobile contract ends TODAY October 10th, suggestions?

    Is it a bad idea to buy an unlocked Treo off of Ebay?

    Anyone who has moved from a Sidekick II to a Treo, do your contacts and such carry over on your sim or do you need to write it all down or what?

    Are there any problems using the Sim card from a SKII and using it in a Treo 650?

    Any other suggestions?
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    I am T-mo with an unlocked Treo 650. My SIM carried over just fine, data and all.

    Bought the Treo from Amazon. Even though it's pricier than eBay I figured if there's an issue I'm going to get a professional and competent response from Amazon. I can't be sure with eBay.
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    Wierd I thought I put this in the General chat and not Future Treo's, Can a mod move this to the appropriate forum pls?
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    Rooks308... this is for you and for others who are in similar situation.

    I am also with Tmobile. I am generally happy with them. But they were not offering Treo 650! Problem, right?

    This is what I did. ... So, I called and told them that what I was 'going to get' no matter what. Then I explained the representative that I could get one at $300 with a contract. If I dont do that and buy one in retail price I would be spending extra $200-300 out of my own pocket to remain as your customer. So, I would be the one who pays / makes the effort to stay as 'your customer', not you! Since I was out of contract at that time and going month-to-month basis, I openly asked that I am expecting a credit or something in compansating me to continue my business, otherwise I said, I was ready to switch carrier because it would make cost sense.

    First tier representatives are always handling usual things, usual requests. So, my demand required higher rank person. After some transfering between higher rank officers in customer support army, I was agreed to receive $100 instant credit and one month free service. They asked to renew contract in return, I happyly accepted as I was happy with Tmobile anyway.
    I hope this helps.

    Oh, I got my phone from eBay at $410 brand new and unbranded. It works fine.

    Good luck. Welcome to a distinct Treo world and amongst prouded users/owners.
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    Thanks, thats great info. I was surprised at how nervous the rep got when I told him I wanted a Treo 650, he started telling me that he wanted to pass me onto a higher rep to talk to me about all their other smartphones and options. I told him I wasn't sure I was leaving Tmobile and he seemed releived (man they must get in trouble for people dropping cause this guy sounded desperate to keep me). I told him I would call back when I had made my decision and if I purchased an Unlocked Treo I would consider keeping the Tmobile service ($20 a month for Unlimited Edge, email, etc THATS GREAT!)

    Once I decide for 100% sure that I will get my phone unbranded and unlocked off of Ebay I will try calling them and seeing if I can get a deal. Can you recommend a certain seller on Ebay? Was it one of those guys who sells these things all the time? I sent an "Ask the seller a question" message to a certain seller with good pricing 2x now and have yet to recieve a reply on if the phones were unbranded or not.

    Thanks again.
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    I would recommend getting it from a provider, not Ebay. Although I'm the first to want to save money, there have been some hardware problems with the 650. If you get it from a cell provider, and something goes wrong like the headphone jack, they will replace it. With your Ebay phone, you are stuck. I also don't like contracts, but for the above reason, I would not buy from Ebay because I want a warranty.
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    There are plenty of other "brick and mortar" sellers other than Palm who have an unbranded GSM unlocked 650 for around $550. Try Provantage- they're very reliable and their accessories are as cheap as I've found anywhere on the net.
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    This is exactly what I did last week. T-Mobile was running a deal for new customers for their 1000 minute plan ($45.99 vs. $59.99), so I called and said I wanted the plan as a current customer (for eight years, since the PowerTel days) in return for a one-year contract. Then I bought a Treo 650 off of eBay. Once I had won a phone, and the new contract had kicked in, I went to and logged in, and signed up for the unlimited internet for $19.99.

    The result was I am paying $65.98 per month ($5.99 more per month than I was before), but have unlimited internet. If I had switched to Cingular, the same plan would have cost $104.99. That's $468.12 per year, more than enough to pay for the phone. The phone would have cost $300 from Cingular with a contract.

    Now for the phone, and eBay. First. Most "unlocked" or "unbranded and unlocked" GSM Treo 650s are previously locked phones. My phone was an AT&T Wireless phone. My guess is these phones were auctioned off after the Cingular merger. It had been unlocked, and the latest unlocked/unbranded firmware had been loaded. It did not include a CD with the software, and there are some problems (inability to sync photos) with Palm Desktop 4.1.4e you download from Since I really don't care about the camera, and can email images, I am not worried about that, but it is an irritant. As a new phone that has never been registered to anyone else, it has a full year warranty from Palm. There were also some refurbished Cingular Treo 650s available which had been unlocked and reloaded with unbranded firmware, but they still have a Cingular logo on them.

    Second. Read the ad, carefully. Make sure to determine if the phone is new or refurbished. Look for warranty info. If you have any questions, contact the seller.

    Third. Be careful. I bid on one, from a guy who was selling several Treo 650s. I did not win. That is a good thing, because I got an email a couple of days later from eBay saying the person had been banned from eBay. My recommendation, look for sellers who have a lot of feedback, a lot of items currently for sale (preferably several Treo 650s) and who have an "eBay Store". Those with an eBay store do not want to lose their privileges by ripping somebody off.

    Once you get your phone, get the internet added to your account (you probably already have it with the Sidekick), hit the browser button on the Treo 650. The Treo does not automatically sense GPRS/EDGE networks to extend the battery life. You have to force it by accessing the web or email, and it connects. After a while, it will turn the GPRS/EDGE network off to save battery life.
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    If I do get one off Ebay that is "New", I would still be covered under the manufacturers warranty wouldn't I? Provided they had an Ebay "Store" ?

    Good Advice, Anyone have a particular seller that they had a good experience with buying a NEW, and Unlocked, Unbranded phone?

    I'm sure they would appreciate a referral
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    I have one ebay seller, who I bought 2 phones from and recommended my friends. I am very happy about him and always had good experience.

    He sells brand new and unclocked. He also sells unbranded ones (at availability) as well. He doesn't want his id advertised so much but welcomes referrals through me. For interested ones, please email me at
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    Unlocked /unbranded are serviced through Palm. If you get a Cingular branded (regardless if locked or not) you will have to go through Cingular if you need a warranty exchange.
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