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    I was curious, how many people have either ditched their labtop for the 650, or won't get one because the 650 handles all their portable needs?
    I've been trying to convince myself as a student, that I need a lab top. But I'm finding that hard to accept. Docs to Go, and my infared keyboard have been taking care of all my note taking needs. I have music, pictures, internet, instant email through chatter, and its a lot lighter. I come home, sync on my gaming desktop, and everything is good to go.
    Are there other people out there that still prefer the lab top over the treo 650?
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    I have a 600 still but it seems to have replaced my laptop.

    Using docs to go 7.0, and then moving all my docs to my sd card allows me to edit them on my treo or on any other pc with my card reader.

    I find that where the treo lacks is in websurfing. But that's because I still use blazer.

    I think there has been a post on this issue before. Hobbes uses a ppc 6600 and is a mobile warrior. I think there are a couple 650 users that use docs to go, printboy and such with the bt keyboard when they travel as well.
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    Yeah, really a portable keyboard would be all I would need, normally.
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    I use both since dial up drives me nuts. I myself am into UPCs(Ultra Personal Computers) and they are great. I bought a sharp MP30 which weighs 2.8lbs and is great for traveling. I need a bigger screen for excel files too. But the Treo is great for taking notes and such if you have an external kb.
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    My laptop rarely leaves the house since I have my Treo however, it hasn't replaced my laptop. It depends on the situation.
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    Two days of the week my laptop goes to work. The rest of the time, it's the Treo 600. Ben
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    What is a labtop
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aussie Joe
    What is a labtop
    Damn! Beaten to the punch.
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    my 650 cuts down my laptop usage but doesn't replace it.
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    For a labtop, you're gonna want to make sure it's chemical resistant. I recommend Trespa . It's made in Holland!
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    It will NEVER replace my labtop until they add the bunsen burner.

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