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    I found this article to be's over a year old, but true.

    Maybe the Treo 650, as it is now, wouldn't be the best choice for a typical 15 year old, but some of these kids' lives are just as busy as their parents, even if they aren't doing business oriented things. Has anyone ever watched MTV's My Super Sweet 16? Granted , the teens being featured come from wealthy families and they are spending their parents money, but the service providers are catering more so to the "sweet 16er" than they are the parents. These kids have agendas, schedules and "social obligations" that make my life seem boring. Anyway, I'm rambling...basically, several of the markets are widening their point of view when it comes to "where the money comes from". It's not just the parents carrying the gold card now, and they're realizing there's a lot of business in the "18 and under" market. Look at the Japanese...a large percentage of their hi-end sales come from young adults (25 & -) and teens, especially teenage girls. It's strange, but it makes money. Okay...I've finish rambling...ignore me now.
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    Holy Cow... alot of stuff to reply to. >> I'll try to do it all in one post thing... so, sorry if you have to read through other stuff to find yours.

    Quote Originally Posted by rentalbrkr
    no teen needs a $600 phone. plus. its more fun (and cheaper) to pass notes.
    Dude, this phone won't make you happier, nor make any girls worth liking notice you. Look up from the IM and see the world..its a beautuful place.
    >> I suppose it's a common misconception to think that technology people are all male...? I'm a girl. << Deal with it. xD And, I know the world is a beautiful place. <3 But, sadly, I'm a freak and alot of my friends live in places very far from where I live... and IM and stuff like that is the only way I get to talk to them. Tragic.

    The Sidekick:
    I decided to do this one all in one thing.... >>;; Because lots of people were talking about it. Before I discovered the Treo (lots of research in this cell phone thing, you'd be suprised...) what first got me into the cell phone-as-more-than-a-phone thing WAS the sidekick. But, $20 for JUST the data... not to even mention the minutes... that's crazy. On Sprint you can get $10 unlimited data and messaging, and the minutes are alot cheaper. The bills are what is going to be unlimatley the most expensive, so... even if the phone's alot more, it's worth it, right? Just so you don't have to pay 60+ a month for bills. Plus... the Treo does so much more... like MP3's so I don't hav e to get an IPod... (x.x $200 dollars MORE for something you can already have is wasteful) So.. yeah. That's my speech on that one.

    Quote Originally Posted by mrgarza
    I'm guessing that the people that think that $500 is a lot for a teen to drop on a phone don't spend a lot of time around teens. These kids have way more expensive stuff than when I was in school 11 years ago. The typical kid at the high school I work at has a cellphone, ipod, laptop, psp, xbox, ps2, and digital camera. They live in a digital world. I know a lot of kids that buy the phone after I show them what it can do. Palm is missing a market here.
    That's a really good point. But, I don't have any of that stuff. >> Gaming systems waste away your life and desensitize you, and sense my parents won't pay for things I don't -need-, then... the rest has just seemed sorta pointless. But, your right. Most kids have all of that stuff, and more.

    Quote Originally Posted by rentalbrkr
    Because they have these things doesn't mean they need them. Why does a teen need the same gadgets as a businessperson? Call me old fashioned (I'm 35) but too many teens get consumer goods to replace the attention they get from their parents.
    ^^ My parents give me alot of attention. It's beacuse of that that I have to pay for it myself. Because, they don't want me to be a spoiled brat and when I go into the real world I have to freak out and run home crying to mommy and daddy for money.

    tbone-Ike: xDD Wonderful. That's so true. >> And slightly pathetic. I would never expect for my parents to pay that much for me, especially in stuff that I don't need. e.e Most teens are going to fall over dead when they go into the real-world.

    Ehhh... yay. Sorry everyone I was dead for a few days and all this piled up on me. XP It's amazing to get to see different people's comments. Thank you!
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    i bought my treo for last year, i'm only 19 now. *shrugs* i only wanted it cuz my boi got a blackberry n' i figured hey what the hell....i'll get the i'm addicted to it
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