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    im buying a treo 600 to reduce the clutter of having a palm and a phone.

    the quesitons I have, what is the phone clarity like? and can you dial directly from your phonebook?
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    Although the clarity of the 600, in my experience, is far inferior to the 650 (with firmware upgrade + volumecare), it will also depend heavily on the carrier and signal strength. If you want an excellent phone, the 600 is probably not your best option. Affirmative on dialing directly from the phonebook. This integration is the whole point of using Treo. Go to a store and try one out, if you can find that dinosaur.

    Spring for a 650 if at all possible. It's a much better device. Good luck.
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    I know the 650 is a much better unit...but at what price..right's 2 times as much as the 600 from my local store. the only difference I can see is that it has bluetooth...something that I have no need for.....what else is differnet about it that makes it twice as much?
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    Its been a while since I look @ this but @1 time there was a chart comparing the various Treos on the Palm web site. Maybe it's still there.
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    You will most definitely get what you pay for. I have been using my original 650 for 11 months now. I went through 12 replacement 600's in almost the same period of time. Granted all but one of those replacements were refurbs, each and every one had CLARITY issues (i.e. buzz, echo and/or low volume).

    If price is an issue, have at it. But you should buy from a vendor that provides a warranty. Or at least pick up insurance from your carrier. You'll need it.
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    Sound quality is a non-issue between the two devices. But there are many other reasons to go for the 650. The high res screen, bluetooth and removable battery are big reasons. Also, Palm may not support the 600 much longer, now that they have discontinued selling them on their own website. Just a thought.

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    Well looks like im going with the 600. for these reasons....The screen res on the 600 is a million times better than on my palm 3 which im currently using for a pda, If I have to take it apart to change a battery, no big deal, i build computers, chip cars and trucks, biggy, bluetooth...I have no use for bluetooth other than a wireless headset...and as long as it works as I intend it in the beginning, there is no need for support from, the extra 250 bucks I save I can get something else as well.
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    My 2 cents here...

    I purchased the 600 in Nov. 2003 and used it until Apr. 2005 without any issues. Didn't have to replace it at all. I didn't have any problems with phone clarity and yes, you can dial from the phone book. Compare the resolution of both (side by side). If that is not an issue, then go with the 600. Like you, I am not into bluetooth. The only reason I am planning to use it is for a GPS. I only upgraded to the 650 because it was a birthday present from my wife...and she kept the 600. I had to replace the original 600 about 1 1/2 months ago, almost 2 years from the original purchase date. Why? The memory card was jammed into the SD slot.
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    thank you for being honest..not on the new tech bandwagon....

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