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    They've put up a Treo billboard in Times Square. Trying to get a dcent pic. It's nice.
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    I have noticed a lot of bus ads here in San Fran. Looks like they have increased their ad money.
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    Nothing here in Los Angeles, but I did see 2 cholas/gangbangers in a Sprint store buying a Treo 650. I wonder if their gonna use it in the next jump-in?
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    Here are some pics for Treo Ads in NYC (30th/6th ave.)

    Treo Ad Phone Booth

    Treo Ad on Building
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    Have you noticed how many people are walking around with Treo's in NYC these days ? I can't believe how many I have seen in the last month.
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    There are also Treo ads in the New York Subway! Looks like quite an advertising blitz.

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    Glad to see that they're showing the 650, and not the 700w. Nevermind the fact that the 700w isn't available yet; it's still a good sign.

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