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    I need a Treo 650 Emulator for my computer. needed for troubleshooting issues if anyone knows of any good 650 emulators please let me know. Also would like 600 and 300 emulators as well.
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    They are all available for free on the palm developer site.

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    I also checked out the emulators and I was curious if they offer one that emulates the 650 Treo. I only seem to be able to load up old Palm Vx series Handheld ROM's. I don't see any mention of technologies any more modern. Could you perhaps provide a link/skin for a 650 emu? I have some things I'd like to test out on it.
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    do u need a emulator for your computer? or for your 650?
    ljp is for the 650. if u have limewire search roms in programs. something will come up to download 80 roms with a emulator
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    Actually I think i might have found the files i needed. I am looking for a Treo 650 Emulator for my PC so that I can test some things on it before investing in one. (may have found this now) I have T-Mobile Currently and I am a sidekick II owner. I am considering making the switch to the unlocked treo. How much is the rate plan for a Treo? I pay $20 USD a month for unlimited Data/msging/etc etc..
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    same thing.
    i have tzones plan which is 5.99 and unlimited text which is another 14.99. comes out to the same.
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    on the note, u wont have AIM, well u would. AIM isnt as p[retty as it is in the sidekick 2 (i was a sidekick 2 owner too) treo is better IMHO.
    u can get verichat and use that for aim. ull hook it up to your data..if u have AIM contact me at b15ginz if u need help ...
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    I've always wanted to play Skyforce on a bigger screen, but I couldn't get it to work on the Garnet Simulator.
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