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    I got a used Cingular branded Treo 650. I have an older AT&T account so I bought an unlocing service for $20.

    I paid $350 for the phone and got a 1GB SD card with it. A headphone adapter, FM transmitter, A set of folding speakers, a hard aluminum case and all the gear that comes with the treo.

    I think I got a good deal.

    Me so happy !
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    Congratulation. That is some bargain indeed. Where did you get it?

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    Some guy advertised it locally. Bought the phone for his girlfriend and now that she is gone he has no use for it. Originally he advertised it with a 512mb card but he couldn't find it so he gave me the 1gb card instead.

    There are some scratches on the case. Anyone know where I can get a new faceplate ?
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    What version of firmware do you guys recommand ? I have 1.15 from cingular.
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    There are no after market faceplates for sell. Sorry.

    You have to contact your carrier or P1
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    Maybe a skin, like some else posted in another thread.
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    Cool Deal! Congrats & Welcome....
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    I had a 600 and was waiting to see if the the 700p would be out before years end. Once I saw the press conference last week, I knew the 700p would not be out until at least late spring '06, so I picked up a 650 to hold me until then. The 650 is much nicer than the 600. I just wish VersaMail would act right and start getting my messages. I think I can roll with the 650 for a while.
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    Welcome & Congrats on your new purchase - you're gonna' love this thing!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tbone-Ike
    Welcome & Congrats on your new purchase - you're gonna' love this thing!!!
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