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    Quote Originally Posted by viper_
    the new treo is gonna have 64mb, same 320x320 screen and ev-do. the bluetooth stack would be 1.2, and since gps is not a problem via bluetooth now there is no reason for palm to think in that direction. and as far as wifi goes... all they're gonna do is release drivers for their wifi card that'd work on the treo.

    i dunno why but i'm 100% certain that this is what' gonna happen.
    A working wifi solution via sd card would be great as long as they can make it work with the combo card. That would be ideal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by t2gungho
    .... as long as they can make it work with the combo card.
    precisely... give me a nice capacity combo card and i'll be more than happy too. actually i'd be more happy if they release a wifi card that doesn't stick out of the slot.. something of this sot is available from spectec (for ppc) if i'm not wrong which hardly sticks out of the slot.
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