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    I kinda skeptical since Palm's CEO flat out rejected such a notion in the webcast last week, but that hasn't seemed to have perturbed some sites out there from confirming that an actual Symbain based Treo prototype has been spotted in the wild:

    However the major stumbling block according to this site is that, "there's some core Symbian code, which Nokia says belongs to Nokia. And Symbian is caught between UIQ and Nokia in this, and so the phone is, politely, a bodge"

    IMO, it would seem plausible that Palm would have at least toyed with the idea of a Symbian Treo and may have at least tested some Symbian based prototypes to evaluate the possibilities prior to any commitments they have made to Microsoft or others. Thus while it is plausible that Palm TODAY may not be interested in a Symbian based Treo (as Palm CEO Ed Colligan stated), there might have been a period not so long ago that they may researched the possbility and perhaps not totally discounted it even? Who knows, but I do find it interesting...

    Another interesting fact is that Nokia was one of the 3 main bidders for PalmSource acquisition (Access and Palm being the other two). I wonder if this possiblity could also have been a factor influencing Palm...
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    I think you are right again. Palm has probably made sure they can make a Treo running symbian, this is the same thing Apple did. Apple made sure every version of OS X ran on intel processors, just in case I do not see a symbian Treo, but stranger things have happened, hence the Treo 700w,lol.
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    Yeah, this IS interesting. I would think if Palm could do it they would, should help them with European markets.

    But again, Ed flat out said no. Hmmm.

    Could Palm have 3 treos? That would be amazing if they pulled that off and launched three different products.

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