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    craigdts posted a link to this article in a thread about Cobalt, but I thought this should have its own thread...
    <<Following the announcement, Gartner Inc. issued a report recommending that corporate users "make no further investments in Palm OS Treos for enterprise applications." >>

    If anyone has access to Gartner's report on the Treo, please share. I'd like to see the full context of that recommendation. I also wonder what the other tech analysts are saying... IDC, Forrester, Jupiter, etc. I used to have access at my former corporate employer, but no longer.

    Given that PalmOS Treos make the bulk of Palm's profits, this is a serious development. Does anyone know the split between corporate and consumer sales of Treos?

    I hope I'm just over-reacting because I'm already thinking that Palm potentially could experience a variant of the mythic Osbourne effect. I even wrote a frenzied email to Palm IR to make sure they're addressing this. Palm needs to act quickly to restore the faith. They are reluctant to announce the next PalmOS Treo because that could hurt 650 sales, but it could hurt sales even more by not saying anything. I urged them to release details of the 700p. For the company's sake.

    What does everyone think? Are people still going to buy the Treo 650 this quarter? Any anecdotal evidence on either the corporate side or consumer side of what's going on?
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    Gartner is well known for their M$ bias btw. I would hardly accept anything they say at face value...
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    Unfortunately, a lot of IT managers listen to Gartner. And they prove their trust in Gartner's advice by actually paying tens of thousands of dollars, often hundreds of thousands, for their research.
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    I view this recommendation as caution.

    The windows based Treo is not a proven solution as of this time, for the general business consumer and regular consumer as well.

    On top of requiring the Treo to be a reliable business solution, is how well Palm handles the issues it may encounter and the quick resolution. IMO, Palm does not have a good public image on that regard.

    Managing public expection and user support will be key starting measurements of Palm at the roll out of the windows based Treo. What if the actual release was postponed?
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    Gartner's advice is on Palm's current PalmOS Treo 650... not the Windows version. They're saying, stop buying the Treo 650. This advice is based on the uncertain future of the PalmOS. And it's uncertain only because Palm refuses to talk about future products. If Palm had announced the 700p at the same time as the 700w, Gartner's reaction could have been much different.
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    Misread that one, too much Palm issues. You are right, with no real potential for further development, what is the Palm OS devices timeline?

    Either way, do you think that Palm would deliver within expectations of the business community this time? What are the potential after effects of the current class action suit? Palm and Windows is a new partnership. As an IT manager, I see red flags all over Palm as a stable solution at this point of time.
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    The Treo 650 is a known quantity. The business community knows what it can do, and they like it. The source of uncertainty is whether the Palm platform will be around several years from now. There are still many people who believe that Palm will not put out another PalmOS product, despite a number of statements by managers to the contrary.

    If Palm makes a public promise to produce a new set of PalmOS Treos every year for the next three years, or to adopt Cobalt/Linux as soon as it's available, that would do a lot to assure its client base. But more realistically, I think even just a 700p announcement would do a lot for public confidence in PalmOS.

    I do think that if they continue their silence on the long-term future of the OS (after Garnet), there's a real risk that the Gartner view will spread, and Palm's core business might possibly die faster than its new business can grow.

    As for the lawsuit. I don't think it's much of a factor in anyone's thinking yet. Nearly every vendor gets sued by someone.
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    Gartner never recommends things until they are a forgone conclusion anyway....

    That said, they are a mild barometer at best. One point of reference, but that's all.

    Over the years, I've seen many of their "predictions" not happen, and other "sure bets" go belly up.

    I wouldn't put my app dev strategy in their hands, that's for sure. Quite frankly, I would not do either POS or PPC app dev for true enterprise corp apps until the connectivity is adequate.

    A web app has been the way to go for a while.
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    You're right that they're just one source. But my concern is not their predictions; it's their advice. My concern isn't the many people like you who don't trust their advice; it's the many companies that already do.
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    Top end managers looking for solutions read this stuff and say, "Skip palm, lets roll out RIM". Why risk it? And I don't blame them either. No one is laying out a clear road map for palm os treo's, and the current version is too buggy.

    My boss used to have a RIM when it was just email, and it was great. Just worked, no reboots, or farting around. It just worked. If RIM is still like that and has a phone I don't blame them for steering clear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic
    Gartner is well known for their M$ bias btw. I would hardly accept anything they say at face value...
    They are also known for having a position on everything. They would rather be wrong than silent.
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    Regardless of what gartner says... Palm OS is on thin ice no one really knows whats going to happen to it, your right development could continue and palm could continue to support it but right now everything is up in the air. If you are an IT buyier or even developer would you risk spending money on something that is so uncertian? Even though palm says they will continue to support palm os users, what are they backing that with? For all we know if the new Treo takes off Palm could slowly phase out Palm OS than what?

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