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    After reading about 4 million posts I took a stab at getting a DVD onto my Treo. I wound up using DVD Decrypter and Pocket DivX Encoder and TCPMP. Got all excited, things seemed to go smoothly, then when I viewed on my Treo, the audio was about a second off from the video - you know - like the old Japanese Godzilla movies. Any ideas?
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    I had that happen on a format conversion once but never again. Do you consistently have that trouble?
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    It would have been better to post this in the Multimedia forum. Regardless, here is a method that works, and is free:

    Good luck!
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    I've noticed this recently as well, although it is not limited to video I have ripped myself. Footage of shows which I have taken using my digital camera seems to have lagging audio. I have just started using the 650 and never noticed this problem with the same videos on my the same token, I am also using a newer version of TCPMP. The sound in NESem also seems to lag as well. Weird...

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