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    Quote Originally Posted by mgauss
    Well seriously when I started the thread I was coy. My real feeling is that Palm OS is not dead, as it is much closer to what will be running in a pocket PC in 5 years than Windows is. Perhaps Microsoft should buy Palm OS features. Windows is just too "big."
    If Mr. Robinson were advising Benjamin Braddock today about the one word The Graduate needed to know, it would be "memory."

    Windoze, whatever flavor or platform, will ALWAYS be bloated and "too big." Faster processors help, but M$oft's secret weapon has always been "more memory" for overhead. Modern PPC's have broken the 128mb barrier; the Apple iPod Nano points to a 4gb flash future, so...

    Once again memory will bail out WM5, and they can just keep cobbling on bloat to make up for the elegance of tighter code (Palm). In all honesty, even Palm is adding pounds in its middle age, so who's to complain. The outcome has now been decided:

    1. High speed (EVDO, UMTS) networks demand multitasking

    2. Frankengarnet has struggled to emulate multitasking

    3. Cobalt has died on the vine

    4. PalmLinux is a couple of years away, if ever

    5. WM5, sloppy, bloated, and Windoze is here and now

    6. HP and others have demonstrated PPC can support EVDO, WiFi and Bluetooth on the same device, often simultaneously

    7. Last - WHY continue to work so hard to make these feature work in the Palm environment, when they already exist and can be further tweaked on the Windoze platform? Just to appease those of us who hate Windoze?
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    I came on this thread while searching. (Searching the keyword 'CRM' by the way, evidently searching isn't an exact science).

    I just had to laugh. We are still having this conversation at the end of May, 2007.

    Maybe Septimus needs to sponsor a contest--find the earliest thread that says 'Palm is doomed'. Another fun one would be to find the earliest 'Treo-killer' post.

    Ah, well. I'm going to post a question now in a new thread, having done my search-first duty.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JAWilson View Post
    I had a smart phone running windows two smart phones ago, and I really didn't care for it. My experience is that Palm OS is better suited for a smart phone being a phone that is also a PDA. If you want a computer in your pocket, what would it really do that a laptop or your computer at home couldn't. Does anybody really ever produce a word document from a PDA?
    As a matter of fact I sit and class and do whole papers on my treo quite often. yeah I know I should be listening but oh well. anyway I believe that some day palm will get pos right. I mean how many times can they keep screwing up. hopefully they will begin to learn from their mistakes and build upon them untill they get it right. the last thing I want is that virus bill gates on my own personal phone. my laptop is bad enough.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yavapai View Post
    The last thing I want is that virus bill gates on my own personal phone. my laptop is bad enough.
    Heh... Bill "The Virus" Gates....
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