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    My T650 does not stay on longer than 30 seconds no matter what I set the power preferences to. It shuts off in any application in about 30 seconds. I have tried changing the power perference to 2 minutes and turning of the keyguard but nothing has helped.
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    Did you try out a 3rd party app that controls the power?

    It sounds like a leftover in your saved preference file. You can look for it with resco explorer.
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    how do i change the leftover? where is the resco explorer? thanks
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    Resco explorer----> link

    If you tried a 3rd party app that controls the auto off then the saved preference may be easy to find because it would use the 3rd party apps name. If not it may be a glitch with the system itself so you could delete the system saved preference. I haven't had to pick apart my saved preference file yet but it may be a preference with the system, phone, palm or unknown. The creator ID is to the right of the files so it helps to identify it. Delete the likely controller of the auto off. If your not sure which file owns a creator ID you can Google "palm creator ID (insert creator ID here)" If you cant find it you could just delete the whole saved preference file but then you have to put in all your registration codes again, reconfigure your apps and repair your accessories. Always save a copy of your saved preference file in case you need to reinstall it.

    To get into the saved preferences you open resco explorer, go into control panel, go into saved preferences.
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    If this sounds like to much, aways on is a great free little program that i use ALWAYSON

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