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    oh, i misunderstood you then, and if it's client side, it shouldn't be a worry. however, sprint has already acknowledged tethering and as long as it's occasional, it isn't a problem.
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    will phones have some sort of an icon when evdo service available?
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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowmite
    trust me, what I said is correct... It will also be hackable, more to come when it happens... It'll be client side (phone side).

    LOL! That's always good to know!!
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    Included on the PPC-6700 is a tethering program. Haven't tried it yet but it is there so I assume Sprint is ok with it and it is in the manual on how to set it up.

    Silent, when I am not in EVDO area I get a 1X, then in EVDO I get an EV in a little icon near the top of the screen so it is pretty easy to tell. In Portland OR (center of downtown) tonight and EVDO is spotty here.
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