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    I am thinking laud and please share your thoughts if you would like...

    We have a semi new product that was announced yesterday. I am curious about the impact of this announcement to the price of current 650s, especially for ones on eBay and second hand.

    I see that 700W comes with strings attached and it is not something continous to current 650, because it is different platform, only CDMA (does not also come as GSM), only one provider (Verizon) and it will take about 9 months to have the next generation / upgraded version Treo, possibly with 700P assigned. On the other hand, I am thinking that there will be more supply more demand because of volume of Windows users, which all may start effecting the price of current 650s.

    Palm sells 650 currently for $650! Prices on eBay for brand new ones recently go around $420-450 (down from $500s from the summer time)

    Your thoughts / expectations?
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    I expect them to have the balls to ask the same price later as they do now.

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