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    i read from a recent post here, in the advent of the treo700, someone said that newbie treo700 users would post newbie questions here in treocentral. i think it would be the other way around. they would be better off if they ask questions in a pocketpc forum needless to say since the treo700 is WinMo5.

    i think treocentral has to make extra room for change..
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    Hi Mojax!

    You raise good points and Treo Central has already started the process. A Treo 700w Hardware forum(now named Windows Mobile Treo Forum) has been created and I am sure software specific forums will be created as the need arises. We are still at least 4 months out. There is also an "Other Handheld" forum.

    As the Treo 700w will share the some of the same characteristics as other Treos, I do not see a need for Treo 700w users to go elsewhere.

    Cheers, Perry.
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